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1. Forrester Blog

Forrester Blog

Forrester works with business and technology leaders such as CIOs to develop “customer-obsessed strategies that drive growth.” Their blog features digital transformation posts that provide actionable guidance that is aligned to the role of CIO.

Three posts we like from Forrester Blog:

2. CIO Dashboard

CIO Dashboard

Chris Curran, CIO Dashboard blog author, is an emerging technology leader and partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers who has a passion for emerging tech learning, experimentation, and adoption. Curran shares his insights into digital transformation in CIO Dashboard blog posts that cover everything from digital disruptors to uniting with CMOs.

Three posts we like from CIO Dashboard:

3. Perficient Transform

Perficient Transform

Perficient is a leading digital transformation consulting firm serving Global 2000 and enterprise customers throughout North America, and Perficient Transform shares their perspectives on transforming the customer experience throughout the connected enterprise. Perficient Transform blog posts include insights on change management, integration, analytics, digital experience, business optimization strategies, and more.

Three posts we like from Perficient Transform:

4. Cisco Digital Transformation Blog

Cisco Digital Transformation Blog

Cisco helps companies capture the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the unconnected. By reading the Cisco Digital Transformation Blog, CIOs will learn about innovative companies and the leaders who are guiding them through the digital business transformation.

Three posts we like from Cisco Digital Transformation Blog:


CIOcom shares the latest news, analysis, video, blogs, tips, and research for tech and IT professionals. With thousands of digital transformation posts, is one of the most robust blogs on our list. Topics cover IT service management, security teams, approaches to digital transformation, and more.

Three posts we like from

6. CSC Blogs

CSC Blogs

CSC shares news on next-gen IT, cybersecurity, health tech, the cloud, Big Data, APIs, and more from 50+ years of leading their clients’ digital transformation. Their blogs showcase their experience in transforming businesses with digital innovation and share case studies and other accounts of the process involved.

Three posts we like from CSC Blogs:

7. MSPmentor


MSPmentor is “the ultimate guide to managed services” and the leading global destination for MSPs. Their blog is a treasure trove of digital transformation information, with more than 80 resources covering infrastructure, digital disruptors, the cloud, and more for CIOs.

Three posts we like from MSPmentor:

8. Wipro Digital

Wipro Digital

Wipro Digital is an innovation-led digital transformation partner that focuses on insight, interaction, integration, and innovation. The news, cases, and insights surrounding digital transformation offered by their blog makes it an especially useful resource for CIOs.

Three posts we like from Wipro Digital:

9. The Digital Business Transformation Blog

The Digital Business Transformation Blog

Axway offers a B2B integration, API, MFT, and OI solution that extends enterprise boundaries and empowers customers to govern the flow of data. The Axway Digital Business Transformation Blog delivers the latest news, industry trends, and insights and covers such topics as shadow IT, agile approaches to integration, and digital transformation in healthcare.

Three posts we like from Axway – The Digital Business Transformation Blog:

10. The Digital Transformation Blog

The Digital Transformation Blog

Avoka creates frictionless digital sales and service transactions for banking, insurance, wealth management, field service, and government. Their Digital Transformation Blog offers ideas that impact customer acquisition and business agility for CIOs in those industries.

Three posts we like from The Digital Transformation Blog:

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