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1. Infoworld — Cloud Computing

Infoworld’s outstanding cloud computing blog is written by David Linthicum, a consultant at Cloud Technology Partners and a sought-after industry expert and thought leader. His Infoworld blog is exclusively devoted to cloud computing and updated frequently. David’s recent blog ‘Featuritis’ Could Lead You to the Wrong Cloud recommends that enterprises concentrate on strategy and not features when making cloud service choices.

2. All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed is written by the world-famous Amazon CTO Werner Vogels. His blog is a must-read for anyone who uses AWS. He publishes sophisticated posts about specific AWS services and keeps his readers up-to-date on the latest AWS news. Recent blog posts include: Accelerating Data: Faster and More Scalable ElastiCache for Redis and New Ways to Discover and Use Alexa Skills.

3. Cloud Tech

CloudTech is a leading blog and news site that is dedicated to cloud computing strategy and technology. With authors including IBM’s Sebastian Krause, Cloudonomics author Joe Weinman, and Ian Moyse from the Cloud Industry Forum, CloudTech has hundreds of blogs about numerous cloud-related topics and reaches over 320,000 cloud computing professionals. A recent post How the Financial Services Industry Is Slowly Waking Up to Cloud Computing by Rahul Singh of HCL Technologies provides an interesting analysis of how banks can overcome the barriers to cloud migration.

4. THINKstrategies

The innovative THINKstrategies blog is written by Jeff Kaplan, who is its Managing Director. A leading expert in cloud computing, Jeff is a frequent guest blogger and keynote speaker on SaaS, managed services, and IOT. In a recent post, Deconstructing the Software Business, Jeff analyzes the effect of cloud computing and SaaS on major industry players.

5. Diversity Limited

The Diversity Limited blog is written by Ben Kepes, who is a technology evangelist, investor, commentator, and business advisor. The blog provides great analysis of all the latest cloud-related tech news and commentary on newly released business software. Despite being a one-man show, the blog includes hundreds of articles and is sometimes updated a few times a day. Recent posts include: Oracle Delivers Document Signing — a Big Win for HelloSign and The Worst-Kept Secret Ever: Facebook Launches Workplace, SADA a Launch Partner.

6. Compare the Cloud

Compare the Cloud is one of the most active and extensive cloud blogs available. Its posts are from numerous writers from across the cloud industry. The blog itself reaches more than 12 million cloud technology consumers. One of the blog’s latest posts Cloud Computing: A Revolutionary Concept or Overhyped Trend? discusses the origins of cloud computing, and was written by Dan Radak, an expert in web hosting security.

7. Cloud Chronicles

Cloud Chronicles, which appears on IDG’s Network World blog section, is written by Brandon Butler, who is a Senior Editor. Cloud Chronicles discusses major technological developments, deployments, and innovations related to the cloud. In an especially interesting post, Which Is Cheaper: Containers or Virtual Machines?, Brandon discusses how application containers fit into the enterprise technology landscape and compares them to virtual machines.

8. Cloud Pundit

Cloud Pundit is the blog of Lydia Leong, who covers cloud computing for Gartner as a Distinguished Analyst. This in-depth blog often discusses the findings and opinions that Lydia generates from her professional analyses, and is updated approximately once a month. Oracle’s Next-Gen Cloud IaaS Offering is one of Lydia’s latest posts and discusses Oracle’s highly anticipated Infrastructure as a Service.

9. Cloudscaling

The highly insightful Cloudscaling blog is written by Randy Bias, who is the VP Technology at Dell EMC and a Director at the OpenStack Foundation. The Cloudscaling blog publishes a new post approximately once per month, and deals with various aspects of cloud computing, from technical details to industry events. In a fascinating recent entry, The History of Pets vs. Cattle and How to Use the Analogy Properly, Randy explains how he became the instigator of the pets vs. cattle cloud meme and aims to set the record straight about its history and proper usage.

10. Cloud Musings

Kevin Jackson is a renowned thought leader, speaker, and consultant for cloud-related technologies and business strategies. Kevin’s blog discusses issues related to cloud computing and cyber security, and includes news on product launches, acquisition, and conferences. In a recent post, #KnowYourData: The Key to Business, Kevin writes about the Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP), an open source project that Intel developed to make it easier and less expensive for developers to deploy custom analytics solutions in the cloud.

ALTRO il sito di riferimento in america per le recensioni dei prodotti web. il migliore in UK.


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